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Composer's response to LSWO's performance at WASBE 2015, San Jose, California


"Throughout my career, I have worked with many leading orchestras including the Chicago Symphony, New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Boston Symphony among others. The Lone Star Wind Orchestra brings these high professional standards to an exciting wind repertoire of music of our time. I heartily applaud the ensemble's strong and dramatic performance of my new work, Luminosity "Concerto for Wind Orchestra"...under the superb direction of Maestro Corporon. "

---Pulitzer prize winning composer, Joseph Schwanter


Anhinga Duo at UNC-Wilmington, Jan. 8, 2010

"[The Anhinga Duo's music, which is experimental but also highly engaging, traverses musical landscapes that are not braved everyday. Taking elements from jazz, classical and a number of other genres, the instruments come together in a way that is technically impressive and emotionally resonant."---The Compass (Wilmington, NC)

Audience Responds to Anhinga Duo in Madison, Wisconsin

"The Anhinga Piano/SAX Duo concerts were quite a treat for the ear...The virtuosity of these two outstanding musicians is exceptional...the show-stopper was the difficult final piece, “Fantasie Brilliante sur des airs de ‘Carmen’"...Very exciting music and terrific performances!"--Audience Response (via The Well Tempered Ear)


"The Anhinga PianoSAX Duo delights! These talented artists are creative in program choice, expert in artistry and fully engaged with their audience. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy their performance."--Audience Response (via The Well Tempered Ear)